Warcraft III: список изменений обновления 1.30.1



14/09/2018 0:22




Warcraft III: вышло обновление 1.30.1

После пары недель тестирования состоялся официальный выход обновления 1.30.1 для Warcraft III. Команда классических игр продолжает полировать игру и постепенно готовить ее к выпуску полноценного Remastered-переиздания в будущем.

Официальная цитата Blizzard (Источник)

Мы рады выпустить это обновление для вас. В нем мы сконцентрировались на улучшениях стабильности и некоторых небольших изменения многопользовательской игры.

Конкретные изменения и улучшения

  • Игровой клиент теперь может использовать до 3 ГБ памяти.
  • Исправлена чувствительность мыши при использовании -nativefullscr.
  • API для наблюдателей был обновлен и теперь позволяет получать больше информации об игре.

Весь остальной список изменений состоит из исправлений ошибок, изменений карт и небольших правок баланса. Они представлены ниже на английском языке.

Официальная цитата Blizzard (Источник)

Bug Fixes


  • [Mac][10.14 Beta] Cursor responds in game
  • FMOD related crashes on many custom maps resolved. Testing was conducted on various MOBAS, Horde Vs Alliance X3, Sunken City, ORD8.4, and numerous test maps submitted by community
  • Silent map crashes resolved on popular custom maps
  • Maps calling preload() with a file string shorter than 4 characters no longer crash
  • TFT campaign missions no longer crash on load
  • Casting two spells with the same BuffID no longer causes a crash
  • Switching expansions no longer crashes
  • [World Editor] Player can be added to player groups again without crashing
  • Setting Clan Message of the Day no longer causes a disconnect
  • Bash tooltip updated from “opponent” to “target”
  • Defend correctly allows 60% of piercing damage through when not reflected
  • Improved Masonry cost correctly calculated
  • Human fast building speed no longer transfers between structures
  • Ancient of War damage is consistent between rooted and uprooted
  • Allied heroes with shared control appear in the UI again


  • Muting sound using Ctrl+S or Ctrl+M while a unit is selected no longer triggers the hotkeys for Stop and Move
  • All ambient sounds return after re-enabling sounds during gameplay
  • Resolved sound volume issues for certain spells and ambient footsteps
  • Game sound remains when the client is not in focus


  • Map veto preferences are saved between sessions
  • Imported files in custom campaigns no longer silently corrupt on save
  • SharedModels/TeamGlow00.tga no longer fails to load
  • RoC campaign data no longer includes TFT balance changes
  • Dirt and grass cliff tiles are no longer replacing other tiles
  • Empty strings in the Italian local no longer display <sp/>
  • Numerical tooltips in French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish match English entries
  • (4)SynergyBigPaved has the correct file extension
  • [World Editor] Abilities with no buff ID no longer stack indefinitely

Balance Changes

  • Far Sight was intended to be 2700 AoE at level 3
  • Meat Wagons’ Disease Cloud now deals 2 damage per second

Map Updates

  • (2)Amazonia
    • Kobold Taskmasters now drop Level 2 Permanent items instead of Level 2 Charged items
    • Creep camps no longer agro other creep camps
  • (2)SwampedTemple
    • Removed hidden unbuildable terrain
    • Removed locations where towers could be built on cliffs
    • Corrected map description
  • (2)Road to Stratholme LV
    • Removed a location where units could be dropped and not attacked
  • (4)TwistedMeadows
    • Tree locations reverted to 1.29
    • Goblin Laboratories have a tree within range for Wisps
    • Adjusted all starting locations to allow for optimal building placement